about jess    

With a previous education in Criminal Justice, Jess had taken a more positive approach to her career, when she expanded her knowledge and love, of all things; exercise, nutrition, health and wellness.

Jess graduated in 2006 from New Hampshire Institute For Therapeutic Arts.

She is licensed and works in both Maine and New Hampshire and passed her National Board Certification (NCTMB) in early 2007.

Jess is an active AMTA member (American Massage Therapy Association) and is always working on continuing her education- in all fields; health and wellness.

Jess collaborates with fellow health care professionals, to provide the best care for her clients/patients. She goes the extra mile to provide optimal treatment plans and cares to serve: any and every population. She has great compassion and focus, especially for those facing acute or specific issues.

Jess' wide knowledge of total body health, exercise, preventative care, post injury/op rehab and nutrition; aid in the optimal healthy lifestyle-for all she encounters.

She has served on sports med staffs of all levels, some to include our very own Semi Pro teams. Our Maine Sabers football team and the Boston Marathon Sports Med group are some of her favorites. Specializing in deep tissue, preventative injury, muscle recovery work and Sports therapies make her perfect for this. An athlete herself, she can relate to her clients that fall into this category.

Jess doesn’t stop there, her work and empathy allows her the privilege of working with those facing unfortunate medical diagnoses. She is right with them all the way through treatments, etc-.

Jess is a true healer, in every aspect.

Jess is extremely active in her community; working and volunteering for the local Recreation Departments, and enjoys coaching and mentoring on the side. Other passions include: various sports, personal training, nutrition, yoga, photography, animals, hiking and anything outdoors.

Jess' love for life, knowledge, compassion, and positive approach to all things, leave you feeling at ease, motivated and encouraged. She always wants to leave you better than she found you.

She truly believes and exists in the mindset that;

“Prevention is the best medicine”.

Jess is a therapist's therapist, and that quality alone separates her from the rest. She resides in Fryeburg, with her children, and can be found in her office located in Bridgton.

"Come on in, and just love life, there's nothing better than this!".