"Anyone can be trained in a craft, and do it well. Then there are those individuals who are true and natural healers. This is what Jessica is, a healer. Her knowledge and passion were clear to me in just the first few minutes of talking with her, and her natural ability to heal was clear after our first session. Progress is being made in a problem spot in my body for the first time in many long and painful months! I am so happy that Jess is now a part of my health care "team."
Emily Baker - Harrison, Maine


“I originally started going to Jess for help in regaining motion and flexibility in my lower back, due to work and sports.

In conversations with Jess, she was able to help me understand not only the connection between different muscles, but which lifestyle modifications would help me long term. As a pilot, I sit for hours at a time. Jess helped reduce my back pain with tools and techniques catered to me. Now that I have regained flexibility, Jess continues to be instrumental in my continued ability to work and enjoy life.

Jess has a vast knowledge and awareness of the body. Her deep tissue techniques are unmatched. Jess is an amazing massage therapist, who I refer regularly. But most important, the treatments work.”
-Chet Hansra


“I don’t even know how to put into words accurately how amazing Jess is. I do know that she is the BEST at what she does. She doesn’t follow a “script” but will give you a very individualized experience, where she locates your trouble spots and works on them until they are no longer troublesome. Her therapeutic expertise has helped me before and after multiple back surgeries and any time I just needed a nice, relaxing massage, I always left feeling like all my stresses were gone. She is AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!”
-Hillary Breen Goulding
Medford, MA


“For several years, I have seen Jess to deal with shoulder and neck issues that were very overused and abused. Her ability to zero in and proceed with the appropriate therapy is unmatched. She does work with many clients with medical or physical therapy prescriptions and is amazing when dealing with sports injuries. She also is one of the few that does deep tissue massage. After a session you will feel great, in part from the treatment and in part from her upbeat, positive, joyful personality. I highly recommend her for for massage therapy or just a relaxing massage.”
-Linda Whitney
Denmark, ME


“I have found massage therapy essential for dealing with physical challenges associated with maturing. Jess's experienced, knowledgeable, skillful and caring approach to her practice has brought me great comfort and strength. 5stars!”
-Debbie Szok
Bridgton , ME


“ I started experiencing moderate to severe neck and lower back pain several years ago. It was attributed to the physical nature of my profession. A friend referred me to Jessica at Love Life Massage & Wellness. I found Jessica to be super knowledgeable and her treatments exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone that wants relief from muscle pain or if you just want an incredible massage. Call Jess today, you will not regret it!”
-Darren Wakefield
Harrison, ME


“Exceeds expectations! I’ve been treated by Jess for the last 10 years after suffering from a spinal cord injury. As a wheelchair user and adaptive athlete my upper body takes a beating. She goes above and beyond treating the normal wear and tear, she helps evaluate why and how some muscles may be overworked, so I can adjust my activity to avoid aggravating those areas in the future.”
-Mike Wade


“Amazing session! Had a deep tissue massage, cannot wait to go back! Bridgton is very fortunate to have her here. 5 stars!”
-Cindy Murphy
Bridgton, ME


“I’m CERTAIN Jess has helped me!
Her knowledge and skill, her interest and enthusiasm, and her obvious concern for her clients, ensure that you are in her good hands - in a totally good way.
Jess has improved every move that I make.”
-Dee Miller
Bridgton, ME


“Jessica is by far the best!
I have been battling some sever complications, due to a surgery I had back in November of 2017. I was unable to feel my left arm and had sever pain in my shoulder/back. I spoke with both my surgeon and Dr. , both giving me little to no answers. That's when a co-worker told me about Jessica!
From the moment I first stepped in her office, I felt more relaxed, welcomed and like she was truly passionate about helping all her patients. After my first session, I was 110% sure that Jess was going to help me and I had found the right path!
Jessica cares about you, She will keep you on track, help you in any way she can, listen, offer a warming environment and allow you to relax while sharing kindness and rejuvenation. I can not say enough about her and her practice/treatments. She will, no doubt help you any way she can !
I would recommend her to anyone, any time.
Thank You, Jess for everything!”
-Alexa Hathaway
Harrison, ME


“Jess @ Love Life Massage & Wellness, is a true professional. Her knowledge of the human anatomy, is of the highest standard. She works and communicates very well with her clients, Doctors and PT’s, etc.
She treats each individual with the highest respect. She listens to what they have to say and together, with her clients and at times in collaborations with other heath care providers; decides on the best course of action. They are not just a number for her. She helps with home care routines and even nutritional components.
She cares for people with such compassion and you feel that when you've left her practice. “
-Brian Elsworth
Ashburnham, MA


“Jess is by far the most technically advanced massage therapist I've ever been to. Her training and skill set has far surpassed any of my other experiences or expectations! She takes the time to listen to any concerns and is quick with recommendations for exercises and stretches for you to do at home. I have struggled with back pain due to scoliosis and multiple other skeletal issues my entire life, and she has always been my saving grace!! She has even helped me thru my pregnancies! Jess is a true and rare gem to have in this area. Go see her ASAP you will NOT regret it!!”
-Jessica Warren
Bridgton, ME