At Love Life Massage and Wellness there is something for everyone. Offering a wide range of techniques to include head to toe relaxation, Swedish, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, Sports, Deep Tissue, MFR, Hot and Cold Stone therapies, Cupping, Hydrotherapy, Circulatory, and Lymphatic and more.Jess works hand in hand with fellow providers along with local doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, etc.

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Swedish Massage:
Is recognized as the basis for many Massage Therapies. Swedish Massage stimulates circulation, increases muscle flexibility, and aids the general balance in the structure and function of the muscular and skeletal systems. This massage is very relaxing and light in pressure. Strokes for this treatment include: Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Vibration and Tapotement.

Reflex points for many organs, glands and nerves for the entire body are found on the feet. Massage or "thumb walking" over some of these points using Swedish strokes, manipulations, and pressure pointing can help return body systems and functions to a healthful balance. This treatment is somewhat of a detox and reset for the body. This is a soft-tissue reflex therapy that produces large scale bodily effects.

Trigger Point and Pressure Point Therapies:
Are both another form of a soft-tissue reflex therapy that produces large scale bodily effects through stimulation of specific points on and between muscle groupings.

This technique is a deep tissue massage that relieves muscle tension, promotes structural integration, reduces physical, mental and emotional stress and improves organ and glandular balance.

Sports Massage:
This technique is used for/in conditioning, preparation, and treatment of strain or injury. This treatment is mostly used on clients in pursuit of physical fitness. This massage also has specific treatments in working athletes that have trauma specific concerns and also those that are pre and post event.

Water, known as "the natural medicine" has been used for years to help heal the body and its many systems. This therapy includes: the use of saunas, hot and cold packs, sitz baths, rubs, and compresses.

Circulatory Massage:
This is a special purpose treatment. This massage adjusts and redirects poor circulatory flow, and reinforces proper circulation. Aside from being beneficial for many circulatory disorders, this technique also promotes general well being.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage:
This is a a special purpose systemic massage using swedish strokes, and other manipulations specifically to stimulate the lymphatic system. This can relieve congestion in lymph ducts and nodes, and restore and encourage proper lymph flow. Proper lymph drainage is important as it assists in maintaining the integrity of the immune system and helps to strengthen the body against immune system insufficiencies, allergy symptoms, colds, arthritis, and many other inflammatory conditions that affect the body's natural defense system. This is a component of the Circulatory Massage, responsible for waste disposal and immune response.

The Body Buff:
Exfoliation & Moisturizer. An herbal sugar/salt scrub for you entire body, is great for slufing off dead skin sells and a wonderful way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Pre Natal:
One of the most beneficial times for massage may be pregnancy. With mutiple postitve side effects.. some to include

* Lowered anxiety
* Decreased back and leg pain
* Improved sleep
* Decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
* Increased levels of the "feel-good" hormones serotonin and dopamine
* Decreased levels of cortisol, an indicator of stress
* An overall improvement in mood

So... what are you waiting for... De-Stress, Relax and Refresh Moms to be with a Pre natal massage

Indian Head Massage:
Try this wonderful head massage.

Stone Therapies: Hot & Cold
The use of the hot stones helps warm the tissues for bodywork and reduces the ache. The use of the cold stones helps injury and recovery, aiding in reduction of inflammation, pain and swelling. Both hot and cold therapies have key roles in promoting optimal recovery, especially in coordination with other modalities. These stones have been proven to help tremendously with acute issues, migraines, etc. The use of the stones helps to work deeper into the muscles where needed, therefore great in combination for example; with a sports massage; optimal to reduce *DOMS & fatigue of muscles. Additionally, these therapies reduce stress and anxiety & aid in better sleep.

*Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is muscle pain that begins after you've worked out. It normally starts a day or two after a workout. You won't feel DOMS during a workout. Pain felt during or immediately after a workout is a different kind of muscle soreness. It's called acute muscle soreness.

Cupping is a traditional treatment that has a wide range of benefits & is safe. This wonderful technique helps resolve chronic muscle/facia tightness & pain. This is perfect to add to a regular massage & has been proven to have optimal & fast healing & recovery results when done so.

The suction from the cups increases circulation to the area where the cups are placed. The additional blood flow to that area helps lift and relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair. Increasing circulation with cupping also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cupping also gives your body a boost in releasing those toxins. Focused blood flow helps your body by flushing built-up toxins through the lymphatic system. (Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating your body's toxins and waste.)

Cupping helps with anxiety too! When your therapist glides the cups across your skin, your parasympathetic nervous system engages. This promotes deep relaxation to move through your entire body. (Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for slowing your heart rate, assisting in digestion, and increasing intestinal and gland activity.)

What YOU can do:
Be kind to yourself.
Drink plenty of water and eat real, whole foods. Get fresh air & move your body.
When coming in for a session it is important to come hydrated and remain so following treatment. Often times you will have some follow up instruction or home care such as stretching or icing depending on the treatments received.

  add ons  

Feet First
A herbal foot soak/scrub/massage to feet and lower legs. Great before a reflexology treatment or a massage. $30.00

Put the "ahhhhh" back in your day with Hot Stones
Add to your massage for an additional $40.00 per treatment.

Beginning at $40.00





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